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WebSiphon 2 Specifications

Major New Features in WebSiphon 2

  • improved SiphonScript execution speed
  • transparent HTTP upload & multi-part form data support
  • web-based administration (optional)
  • enhanced repeat statement: "by" keyword
  • try/catch runtime exception error handling
  • global server error handler
  • shutdown scripts
  • improved protocol support: HTTP, FTP, SMTP, POP3
  • expanded functions and built-in variables
  • enhanced security options
  • expanded developer add-on API
  • W*API plug-in and ACGI application runtime interfaces
  • large POST arguments (greater than 32K)
  • many improvements and refinements

A Complete Web-Application Development Solution

WebSiphon has been designed from the start as a professional web development solution. From basic form-processing and dynamic page generation to full-scale data-driven web applications, WebSiphon delivers.

WebSiphon uses a server-side scripting language, SiphonScript, which is embedded directly into your HTML documents. Adding CGI logic functionality to a web page is fluid and simple - you'll find yourself building full-featured web applications before you know it. WebSiphon transparently handles web HTML form-processing tasks and includes access to a wide range of databases including its integrated flat file database Verona, as well as FileMaker Pro, MySQL or any ODBC compliant data source (using Enterprise Module).

Third party add-on products extend WebSiphon's capabilities to provide access to other databases (Valentina, ZipBurst, others...), hardware (custom data acquisition, server monitors, etc.), encryption (CodeBurst, RosettaLib, others...), and countless other case-specific installations.

As SiphonScript is embedded directly into HTML documents, no additional programming environment or IDE is necessary to use WebSiphon. Use the same HTML editor and/or tools you use now and are most comfortable with (popular editors include BBEdit and TextEdit).

A Fluid and Powerful Scripting Language

The SiphonScript language is both easy to learn and powerful and resourceful enough for more experienced programmers already familiar with high-level languages such as C or C++. A great deal of care was given to insure SiphonScript is a fluid language, that flows well alongside markup languages like HTML without requiring the developer to switch "mental mind-modes" which can interrupt the creative process.

SiphonScript is a byte-level compiled language to achieve maximum serving speed even with large, complex web systems. Additionally, since the language is embedded inside of HTML, no application switching is necessary while developing a page. If while designing a page you wish to use programming logic, you can do so without having to find or develop yet another stand-alone CGI for your site.

SiphonScript has complete support for local and global variables, a range of conditional and repeat statements, standard math, error handling, and user-defined functions. WebSiphon includes hundreds of different functions enabling database support, string and list manipulation, working with dates and times, text file support, web-specific support like cookies and HTTP header manipulation, an image support library and more.

Many Database Storage Options

When you're coding you shouldn't have to be concerned about where or how the data resides which drives your applications. Get the job done without concern for the brand, you've got a wide variety of database options available to you in WebSiphon 2.

Verona is a flat-file database server that was written from the ground up for use on the Internet and other distributed service environments. Verona includes the necessary tools to create database tables and link them to your web site using VeronaLib functions built-in to the WebSiphon environment. Verona also includes a fully featured web-based administration system written entirely in the SiphonScript language complete with basic security. Use Verona's web-based admin "Lilypad" to manage your database tables from any web browser.

WebSiphon also fully supports FileMaker Pro with functions to add, update, remove records, modify database structure and execute FileMaker scripts. The FileMakerLib component can communicate with FileMaker Pro either on the same machine or on a remote network server. WebSiphon 2 supports FileMaker Pro 3.0, 4.0 and 5.0 server protocols.

For power users, optional database libraries provide access to SQL databases such as Valentina and MySQL. ValentinaLib for WebSiphon embeds the powerful Valentina object relational database engine directly within WebSiphon, thus providing one of the fastest web-database solutions on the market. Native MySQL communication is available thru free MySQL drivers and the Kingfisher third-party WebSiphon library.

Complete ODBC connectivity is also available with the WebSiphon Enterprise Module. Available separately as an add-on package for the most demanding corporate installations, the WebSiphon Enterprise Module gives you access to any industry-standard ODBC datasource.


In addition to WebSiphon's flexible capacity for user-defined functions, a plug-in architecture allows third-party developers to extend WebSiphon's features. There are a wide variety of third-party function libraries offering extended network, image, compression, encryption, session management, serial i/o, and other environment extensions.


The WebSiphon 2 development environment has a retail price of US $495.00 and includes the following built-in libraries:
  • CommerceLib
  • FileLib
  • FileMakerLib
  • NetworkLib
  • ProcessLib
  • VeronaLib

Upgrades from Websiphon v1.5.1 are available for US $199.00. All Purity Software products are available directly from our online store using the link in the menu above.

System Requirements

WebSiphon requires a PowerPC computer running Mac OS System 9.1, 3MB - 4MB RAM for WebSiphon, and a Macintosh web server that supports "sdoc" CGI AppleEvents or the W*API. If using the external Verona database, an additional 1MB of RAM is required. RAM requirements increase proportional to the complexity and depth of the SiphonScript you execute. As concurrent web connections increase further the RAM requirements increase.

WebSiphon is not recommended for use with Mac OS 9.2.x; Testing and user feedback has shown that Mac OS 9.1 is the most stable release for Mac OS web application servers.

WebSiphon, SiphonScript and Verona are registered trademarks of Purity Software and are ©1995-2023. All rights reserved worldwide. All other tradenames are registered trademarks of their respective owners. Pure code for pure minds, live to love and learn.

Pure code for pure minds; live to love and learn.
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