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WebSiphon Articles and Learning Resources

We hope the articles and learning resources presented here will be helpful for both developers who are new to WebSiphon environment and the SiphonScript language and veterans alike.


Welcome to WebSiphon- This article is intended to provide an overview of what WebSiphon provides to you, the new user. It was written by Mark Holtz to be included as a preface to the WebSiphon 2 User Guide. Though he had not yet been assimilated by Purity when he wrote this article, shortly after publication the Mantis had its way with him and he joined the WebSiphon development team.

WebSiphon Fundamentals

This first article in a series discussing fundamental web development techniques begins with a topic which is easy to overlook as benign. However, WebSiphon offers some uniquely-evolved fundamental concepts reviewed in this and future articles in the series.

Builtin Variables- These variables make up the basis of every call to your web application. Use them to access information about the client, the HTTP request, and other WebSiphon runtime and environment data.

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