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Enterprise-level Developer Support

If your organization demands more immediate support provisions to meet your business goals, we can develop a customized plan for you. Purity Software can provide direct telephone, e-mail, or hands-on assistance and developer training programs. We can even coordinate sessions for large groups directly in your area or corporate campus.

Please take the time to communicate with us your needs so we can serve you best!

Support Options

Our goal is to provide a constructive and positive experience to each of our customers, should you find yourself in a position where you need a little help...

Documentation (RTFM)

Each of Purity Software products include a comprehensive user guide and reference, in addition to ongoing documentation efforts always evolving and linked at each product home page.

Product Home Pages

Mailing Lists

Tap the combined knowledge of other users in the community by joining one of our product mailing lists. These discussion lists are generally the best way to keep up-to-date on the progress and use of our software tools.

Searchable list archives (available to list subscribers only) are a valuable tool to reference prior to posing a question on the public mailing list.

List Subscriptions and Archives

Purity-direct Support

If you've exhausted other support options, or otherwise would prefer to contact one of us here at Purity Software directly direct e-mail addresses are provided below. We try our best to answer e-mail within two business days of receipt. If you have an active support plan you're request will be given priority.

General Support E-Mail

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