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Our warmest and most sincere thanks goes out to all those who have worked at, with, or for the Purity Software team over the years. Quite simply: without the support of our friends, we would not be here today.


Purity Software was formed in 1995 by Nathan Nunn, whose idealistic goal to try and build a different type of software company. An ever-evolving project, Purity Software's primary philosophy remains unchanged: We strive to author and publish quality software that understands its purpose, and does so with dymaxion efficiency. Our logo combines a perfect circle with perfection represented through nature - a humbling but divine inspiration.

In 1995 the World Wide Web was still being defined, and we built WebSiphon to help further evolve the world of systems integration and web application development. Since then, WebSiphon and the SiphonScript language have been used to develop countless applications in all sorts of unique scenarios well beyond what we ever imagined.

Though our ranks have changed over the years, we maintain the same affliction. The WebSiphon project has entranced and held captive so many days and nights and yet still we feel compelled to continue shaping and forming.

We suspect some of you feel the same lure towards SiphonScript and related technologies, and thus we are all here today to support a positive niche on the web.

Pure code for pure minds; live to love and learn.
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